The Multiple Address Route Planner – the Key Part of Prism VS’s Route Accounting Software System

Prism Visual Software's multiple address route planner helps to optimize delivery routes.

Companies performing deliveries sold and pre-ordered products and services need to create routes for each delivery vehicle every day. It is very hard to take into account all aspects that have an influence on the delivery process and create an effective route manually. Therefore, organizations specialized in the deliveries sold and pre-ordered products and services prefer to use multiple address route planners to optimize routes for their delivery drivers and services technicians.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a leading software provider widely known among field service companies. From the first day of our company foundation, we have been developing route accounting software solutions for companies performing route sales, deliveries sold and pre-ordered products, equipment and other types of field services. Today, we can offer the potential customers and our current clients a wide range of software solutions specially designed with taking into consideration the specificity of the field service companies.

Our professional software team works closely with the field service managers, accountants (bookkeepers), technicians, and delivery drivers. Therefore, we know the difficulties and problems they meet every day and make everything in our power to facilitate their work by automating as many business processes as possible. Our route accounting software system contains various computer programs and applications, including the Prism Dispatch™ multiple address route planner.

Prism VS's route accounting software system helps companies to easily:

  • Plan: the workday of each field employee, schedule of delivery sold and pre-ordered products and services, purchases of needed inventory, and more. 
  • Route: deliveries of sold and pre-ordered products and services, sales representatives working in the field. 
  • Track: work orders, field employees' location and time, inventory, and more. 
  • Report: fulfilled work orders, inventory levels, pre-ordered items and services, and more. 
  • Analyze: the performance of each employee, departments, and business effectiveness as a whole.

The Prism Dispatch™ multiple address route planner enables:

  • Generating of the optimized routes: optimizing routes for the vehicle fleet, providing the smart dispatching, handling the stop times, and more. 
  • Optimization of the field workforce: keeping loads under control, scheduling deliveries and service times, tracking field workers location and time, balancing the workload, qualified assistance, and more. 
Route accounting software system
  • Saving of the work time and company’s money: controlling the inventory levels and load capacity, fulfilling more work orders and serving more customers, reducing the windows of free time, eliminating unnecessary stops, and more.