Main Types of Digital Asset Management

Types of the digital asset management software.

The main types of digital asset management software systems:

  • Brand. The brand digital asset management (BAM) software system is a type of DAM software system designed with the purpose to make managing the brand assets (logos, product images, marketing collateral) more reliably and easily.
  • Production. The production digital asset management (PAM) software system is a specialized DAM software system designed with the purpose to make easier and more effective organizing, storing, controlling, finding, and revision the frequently changing digital media. 
  • Library. The Library digital asset management (LAM) software system is a type of DAM software system designed with the purpose to organize (for example, video and photo archiving) the storing, finding, and retrieval of a large number of infrequently changing digital assets.

Digital asset management or DAM is a solution for effectively storing, organizing, finding, retrieving, distributing, and sharing digital files: photographs, images, music, audio, video, animation, creative files, presentations, documents, and so forth. 

A digital asset management software system must have indispensable capabilities enabling the secure storing of the digital files:

  • Implementing tiered data protection; 
  • A security model should include the multiple rings of defense; 
  • Using physical security such as locks on the server, restricted access, networking cabinets 
  • Using logical security such as encryption, authorization, passwords, authentication; 
  • Running the virus-detection programs; 
  • Access to the digital files depends on the user permissions; 
  • Knowing every employee who has physical access to the digital files on the fixed and removable devices; 
  • Identifying and correcting the weak links in the data movement processes; 
  • Identifying sensitive data that cannot be protected adequately. 
  • Protecting data from losing while it is moving electronically over the private or public network.
digital asset management software system

General areas of securing digital files while they were stored, moved, or accessed include:

server Servers: server and backup security. security of cabling Cables: physical security of cabling.
database Applications: controlled access to the database. Management tools Management tools: limit access, passwords, detection alerts.
router Routers and switches: zoning, segmentation, authorization, authentication.

If you want to optimize your digital asset workflows, you need a digital asset management software system that will help to grow your brand(s).