The Main Features of the Task Management Software

The main features of the task management software system.
  • Planning and scheduling: this feature allows to outline all tasks of the planned project and to make scheduling the necessary activities incredibly quick and easy. As a result, a project manager will always have an overview of how many tasks and hours have been scheduled for each member of the team and unscheduled time slots that, in one’s turn, helps to know the realistic project deadlines.
  • Assignment: workers need to be able to assign tasks to each other within the company's internal system without waiting for a manager or administrator to set up for them. 
  • Notification: your task management software system should allow every worker to accept a task or notify employees that one of them has been assigned to accomplish the task. 
  • Prioritization: In this case of having the ability to rank tasks in terms of importance and easy and quickly create a hierarchy of tasks, your team will focus on the priority tasks and procrastination will be eliminated. 
  • Centrally controlled user permissions: only your administrator must have a right to give limited permissions to system users with the purpose to prevent conflicts at the project and employees levels. 
  • Security: the information leakage of your company’s and your clients must be eliminated. 
  • Calendar: it is great if the task management software is able to synchronize with the employee's real calendar. 
  • Mobile application: often members of your team, especially mobile workers such as delivery drivers, route sales representatives, distributors, equipment service technicians, and other workers, need to have access to the data on the go, during meetings, on the route, at customer locations and anywhere else. Only task management software with a mobile option can give your company all the necessary features for accomplishing business tasks. 
  • Statistics: allows managers to see who from your team is using your task management software system and how often they are logging in. 
  • Reports: ability to see the summarized data is indispensable for forecasting. 
  • File Attachment: you may need to provide various documents with your task, so ability to add the file attachments like emails, pictures, graphs, contextual and other documents that will be placed with the task itself is very helpful. 

  • Integrations: your task management system should be integrated with other computer programs such as accounting software, customer relationship management (CRM) system, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, human resources (HR) management system and other software solutions that are used for running your business. 
  • Chat System: to provide the uninterrupted workflow, your task management software needs to have a chat system that enables quick chats to facilitate communication between your employees. 
  • Documentation: task management tools are enough complex and, therefore, your task management software should provide help with the detailed instruction about how to use the current software program.
Task Management Software