The Main Features of the Prism’s Small Business Inventory Software

The Main Features of the Small Business Inventory Software

Inventory management and control organized in the right way exercises a significant influence on the business, including the small one. Having any time the right quantity of the inventory in stock is an essential component of success, especially for companies performing sales and equipment services. Our company is a leading software provider specialized in the developing computer programs and mobile applications for organizations which business activity is concerned with the route sales, delivery, pre-order and equipment service.

Time does not stand still, and the world is changing day by day. These continual changes set up new claims to business, and if you want to have a successful business, you need to keep up with the times. Therefore, before starting to create any software solution (including inventory software) for our current and potential clients, our professional team makes research and studies which computer programs are needed or may be helpful at the current time and which requirements they need to meet, including technical and technological.

Today we can offer our clients the small business inventory software system the main features of which are:

  • a complete list of the available products and materials;
  • support inventory management in multiple locations; 
  • detail description of each product and material; 
  • export the list of goods in different formats; 
  • history of goods movements in the warehouse; 
  • barcode scanning; 
  • synchronization with received purchase and sales orders; 
  • customers and sales information; 
  • product pricing management by location and customer;
  • access to the real-time data; 
  • automatically updating inventory levels; 
  • timely reorder notifications; 
  • integration with other Prism’s computer programs and the company’s accounting and point-of-sale software systems.
small business inventory software system

Analyzing only these main features, you can see that the offered by us solution of the inventory managing and inventory control allows small businesses to:

inventory managing and control

  • prevent confusion and errors; 
  • entering and collecting data from barcodes; 
  • optimize and cheapen the inventory management and inventory control processes; 
  • save employees working time throughout the day; 
  • service customers anywhere even without an Internet connection; 
  • make a better business decision; 
  • increase business efficiency.