The Main Features of the Prism’s ServQuest™ CMMS Software System

Support your business with the ServQuest™ CMMS software system.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. has developed for companies, including small businesses, performing equipment service the unique computerized maintenance management system – ServQuest™ CMMS software – to plan, schedule, manage, record, and communicate their day-to-day business operations.

The main features of our ServQuest™ CMMS software solution:

  • Inventory Control

ServQuest™ CMMS software enables companies to track inventory levels in real-time in multiple locations and helps organizations to prevent items shortage and excess.

  • Support Multiple Customer Locations

ServQuest™ provides a service profile for every customer address, supports customer multiple locations, enables troubleshooting potential equipment problems, providing superior customer service. Moreover, route map optimization software allows to reduce the fuel and labor costs and ensuring that the technicians provide more services with fewer resources and less over time.

  • Tracking Work Orders

Our MiniMate™ mobile application enables automatical tracking service technicians location and time and collecting customers signatures and payments.

  • Equipment Service Management

Our CMMS software system provides companies with a capability to specify which service technician to apply to specific work order and which day and time. Prism Dispatch™ included to ServQuest™ package makes it easy to plan the employees day’s work, to adjust the schedule as needed, to include emergency tickets easily.

  • Reporting

Our CMMS software provides work orders feedback and reporting on jobs after-the-fact. Information about customers and technicians, completed services and completion date, materials or parts of equipment, failures, and errors are available for analyzing and forecasting.

  • Specialized Capabilities

Designed by our professional team ServQuest™ CMMS software system can be easily customized to meet the company’s specific business needs and requirements.

Thus, our ServQuest™ CMMS software solution is a significant tool for scheduling the planned and preventive equipment service, tracking the status of the work orders, recording performed works and equipment service demands, and analyzing the recorded data. Equipment service companies should use our CMMS software with the purpose to manage and control provided by them equipment service in a more effective way, to produce and analyze their service technicians reports, and to control and reduce their business costs.

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