The Main Benefits of Using the MiniMate™ Mobile Application for Field Service Companies

Benefits of using MiniMate field service application.
  • Easy to use and support, does not require specific software knowledge; 
  • user-friendly interface; 
  • connecting the office and field teams; 
  • powerful scheduling and dispatching; 
  • creating, editing, accepting, declining, completing and viewing work orders and tasks anytime from anywhere; 
  • identification the prioritized requests; 
  • creating and managing notifications assigned to the field employees; 
  • providing mobile and field employees with the information need to complete their job; 
  • automatical uploading the work orders for field workers; 
  • standalone database on the mobile handheld devices; 
  • loading items and their barcodes; 
  • updating and manage inventory and field assets; 

  • setting a minimum price for each item and automatically calculating promotions and discounts based on the purchase; 
  • access to the real-time customer, order, inventory, and other data; 
  • driving on the optimized routes with the using Google Maps; 
  • tracking mobile and field employees location and working time; 
  • capturing the field data; 
  • collecting customer payments and signatures; 
  • printing and sending by e-mail the invoices and receipts;
  • real-time visibility into the status of every job for every mobile and field employee; 
  • eliminating the paperwork and manual calculations; 
  • generating invoices from the personal digital assistant (PDA) data; 
  • take pre-orders for the next products and service delivery; 
  • reducing the customer multiple visits; 
  • capturing the new notifications and questions directly in the field and in real-time; 
  • collaboration between field employees and customers; 
  • defining the pricing for every customer and automatical calculating the taxes; 
  • reconciling the money and inventory at the end of the working day; 
  • integration with the third-party software; 
  • easy customization.

The MiniMate™ mobile field service application developed for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile handheld devices assists mobile and field staff (delivery drivers, route sales representatives, service technicians< and others) from the beginning to end of their working day and allows companies to improve their field service such as Food Distribution, Plumbing and Heating, Third-Party Delivery, Water Treatment, First Aid, Home Care, Janitorial and Paper Bread Distribution, Beverage Bottle Distribution, Linen / Mat Exchange, Equipment Service, Pest Control,

MiniMate™ Mobile Application
Bulk Propane, and Tank Exchange, Fresh Produce Distribution, DSD, Meat, Poultry and Fish Distribution, Office Coffee Services, Dairy Distribution, Pool Cleaning, Beverage Dispensing, Wine Distribution, Concrete Distribution, Bottled Water, Gas and Welding Distribution Supply, and other field services.

Our company provides different support service plans on an annual basis and consultations on the hourly or project-based fee to help companies plan and design the mobile field service application that will te best meet their business needs and requirements.