Sage Accounting and Prism VS's Software Solutions

Sage software accounting solutions.

Do you want to improve your accountancy and automate business processes?

The most effective way to do that is to use software solutions that the best meet your business needs. Today, the software provides offer a wide range of desktop, mobile, and web systems, but which of them are the right solutions for your company?

To give an answer to this question, any business owner should be informed at least about the most popular accounting and your industry-specific software. In this article, you can find some information about the products of two known companies: Sage and Prism Visual Software, Inc.  

Sage develops accounting software that helps small and medium-sized companies to run their business better.

Sage accounting software enables:

  • managing accounts and finances;
  • managing the entire business;
  • managing people and payroll;
  • accepting payments.

Prism VS's software for companies performing:

  • delivery;
  • route sales; 
  • pre-order; 
  • equipment service.

For start-ups or small businesses Sage offers three packages of accounting solutions:

    sage one accounting system
  • Sage One – easy accounting:
    • creating estimates from anywhere,
    • printing and sending estimates to customers via email,
    • converting estimates into invoices and their importing,
    • ability to see estimates in one place,
    • capturing purchases,
    • importing transactions from the credit card and bank account,
    • recording bills and marking them as paid,
    • ability to see the status of all bills,
    • tracking expenses by department, project, and customer,
    • having access to the essential reports anytime, and more.

  • Sage Live accounting software
  • Sage Live – real-time accounting:
    • ability to see all the most important information about your business in one place,
    • sending and receiving information from different devices,
    • access to the real-time data anytime from anywhere for making the right decision,
    • tracking the company's financial performance from the multiple perspectives,
    • ability to have customized reports,
    • multilingual solution for global business, and more.

  • Sage 50 accounting software
  • Sage 50 Solutions – complete accounting:
    • Sage 50c Payroll and Payments:
      • anytime online and mobile access to payroll information,
      • accurate and timely processing and error-free tax filing,
      • saving time spent on payroll processing,
      • ability to create standard and customized reports, and more.
    • Sage Timeslips:
      • intuitive bill generation,
      • complete account management
      • easy creating detailed reports, and more.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. develops desktop, web, and mobile software solutions that easily integrates with accounting systems developed by Sage via specially designed Order Connector that synchronizes third-party software to Prism VS's products.

Prism VS’s software modules and applications are grouped into four main packages:

ServQuest desktop software from Prism VS
  • ServQuest™ – a desktop software package that allows automating and optimizing most processes of everyday activities of field service companies and provides effective tools for managing and controlling those processes.
    • Multiple warehouses management; 
    • Inventory and assets management; 
    • Stock level control; 
    • Customer relationship management; 
    • Vendors database management;
    • Contact (inbound and outbound call) center; 
    • Customized bills and invoices; 
    • Payments and billing management; 
    • Customer orders (offline and online) management; 
    • Synchronized and centralized data; 
    • Sales and promotional tools, and more.

Prism Dispatch desktop software
  • Prism Dispatch™ – a desktop software solution that enables creating optimized routes and provides visual dispatching.
    • Advanced day’s work planning; 
    • Daily, weekly, monthly scheduling; 
    • Generating emergency tickets;
    • Adding changes in schedule;
    • Monitoring customer and work orders status;
    • Collecting data from multiple sources; 
    • Multi-routes management;
    • Route optimization by shortest distance; 
    • Visual dispatching; 
    • Color-coded geographic areas;
    • Informative reporting, and more.

MiniMate mobile software
  • MiniMate™ – a mobile software developed for handheld devices running on the Android operating system.
    • Standalone database; 
    • Monitoring customer and work orders;
    • Tracking routes and mobile employees’ work hours; 
    • Integration with Bing Maps; 
    • Anytime access to important information from anywhere; 
    • Automatic calculation of promotions and discounts; 
    • Collecting customer signatures and payments; 
    • Scanning barcodes; 
    • Real-time updates, and more.

Web Store software from Prism VS
  • Web Store – a web software that enables increasing product visibility and the company’s sales.
    • Purchasing from mobile and desktop devices; 
    • Access to the online store (with or without logging in); 
    • Re-ordering from previous orders; 
    • Receiving orders during non-business hours; 
    • Creating special delivery instructions; 
    • Email alerts (orders, promotions, updates); 
    • Printing orders, invoices, and bills; 
    • Viewing active shopping carts; 
    • Multi-locations single log-in, and more.