The Key Features of the CMMS Software System

The CMMS software system provides companies with many helpful features.

Any computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is designed to make the maintenance management easier and to reduce the maintenance costs.

The CMMS software can be used by maintenance workers, parts managers, and clerks, facilities managers, reliability personnel, factory engineers and managers, schedulers and planners, equipment operators, etc. Using CMMS software systems allows professionals to track the company's assets, equipment, and property and to report important data such as preventive maintenance (PM), people, work orders, purchasing, spare parts and more to the corresponding departments. This data, in one's turn, helps managers and other employees to make decisions allowing to increase workers’ productivity, products' reliability, company's profitability and competitiveness and, as a result, customer satisfaction.

The facilities management is supported by the main features provided by the CMMS software system:

  • Task templates of frequent maintenance jobs. Templates of the reusable tasks help to create the work orders for often existing jobs such as the monthly checking of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and quarterly pump inspection.
  • Scheduling maintenance tasks. This feature enables scheduling maintenance in a variety of ways: 
    • by time: weekly, monthly, etc., 
    • unplanned as needed, 
    • based on other completed task or work orders, 
    • by a change in meter reading, 
    • by an alarm condition, and more.
  • Sending work orders to maintenance technicians. Updating the work orders by email or SMS text messages allows managers and maintenance technicians to save a lot of time that can be spent in a more effective way than writing on the paper or being on the phone trying to get information.
  • Tracking the work orders. In the case of generating many work orders every day, it is easy for some of them to be missed and not fulfilled. This feature enables tracking work orders, including overdue ones.
  • Work orders feedback. It is critical to be timely informed about work orders that are delayed as it allows companies to focus on such work orders and to find out how to complete them faster and at the right time.
  • Collecting maintenance statistics. A variety of maintenance statistics helps managers, engineers, planners, and other company's employees to understand the condition of organizing of the maintenance process in their company and what they need to improve.
  • Breakdown reports. The ability to identify breakdown equipment allows companies to prevent problems and emergencies.
  • Тhe mobile version. The ability to have access to the CMMS anytime from anywhere allows managers to be always informed about the state of the company’s maintenance.

For many years, Prism Visual Software, Inc. has been designing and developing the computerized programs and systems for business performing delivery pre-ordered goods, route sales, equipment, utilities, and other field services. Our professional team has developed the ServQuest™ computerized maintenance management system - CMMS that helps organizations to simplify the management of their maintenance with the contributing all maintenance requirements. Offered by us the computerized maintenance management system makes tracking maintenance operations much easier via:

  • collecting and holding all maintenance data in a single place;
  • efficient asset management, including purchase date, location, serial number, warranty, and service history;
  • managing the work orders;
  • reducing safety risk and increasing requirements compliance; 
  • controlling repair and maintenance costs;
  • great visibility and customized reporting, 
  • implementing the best practices, and others. 
Main Features of the CMMS software