The Effective Inventory Software Solution Provides Barcoding

Barcoding is an important feature of the inventory control software system.

It is difficult to find an organization that does not carry inventory. Regardless of the company's size and business activity, any company needs to count and track the finished products, work-in-process, and raw materials it has.

Accuracy in inventory control determines the correct levels of goods and materials the company has. Prism Visual Software, Inc. provides the inventory software system that ensures such accuracy.

Prism VS's inventory managing computerized system provides the proper features that enable:

  • optimizing the inventory control process; 
  • eliminating the paperwork and manual calculation; 
  • managing multiple warehouses; 
  • managing multiple vendors; 
  • quick access to real-time inventory information; 
  • creating inventory barcodes labels; 
  • efficient inventory tracking; 
  • real-time inventory levels valuation; 
  • creating customized reports; 
  • future demand forecasting; 
  • integrating with the accounting software and more.

The first step of inventory control is a full understanding of the inventory management process. The next step for any company is setting up an efficient inventory management system.

Main signs of performing the right inventory management:

  • assigning the inventory management tasks to specific workers; 
  • performing consistent inventory procedures; 
  • taking into account the time intervals; 
  • allowing only specific employees to restock inventory items; 
  • having consistent inventory documentation.

Some benefits of using barcodes:

  • saving the staff work time; 
  • increasing employees efficiency; 
  • increasing the data accuracy; 
  • managing inventory across multiple warehouses; 
  • instantly updating the inventory data.
inventory management

Barcoding enables the tracking of every inventory detail and eliminating the manual data entry. Automated in such a way inventory management and control reduces human error and increases accuracy. By the quick and easy scanning of a barcode, you or your staff has full information about the item.