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Optimize business activity with trucking dispatch software system.

Are you looking for information about the leading software provider that specializes in developing route management and dispatch software?

You are in the right place. For more than twenty-five years the Prism Visual Software, Inc. has been representing the reliability, quality, and affordability for companies from the trucking industry.

We offer the route management and truck dispatch software solution that allows users to have quick access to the status of inventory, orders, vehicles, and drivers and other information instantly provided by your dispatchers. Information from different sources: customer orders, work orders processing, warehouses, drivers, and financial reports flow to the dispatch center and then to the accounting system.

With the Prism Dispatch™ - the trucking dispatch software, companies performing deliveries can easy:

  • to see where each your vehicle is and which drivers are available; 
  • to know whether your drivers are running on schedule; 
  • to see what inventory and equipment are available; 
  • to know which customer orders are in the process, completed, dispatched, or overdue; 
  • to extract needed information and enter new work orders; 
  • to create optimized routes for each driver; 
  • to send information to the mobile workers and back; 
  • to have the end of day reports.

Our freight management software products help trucking companies to perform reliable control over their daily trucking operations via the provided helpful features such as the call center, job scheduling, work orders status tracking, inventory levels controlling, dispatching, repair center management, and much more.

Prism Dispatch™ trucking dispatch software

The MiniMate™ mobile application is an integral part of our trucking dispatch software system that gives a great option for dispatchers and managers to keep up with their field workforce and provide them with all necessary real-time data, including the optimized route plans. At the same time, mobile workers can use driving instructions to the location with Google Maps and fulfill their job even without the Internet connection by using the standalone database on their handheld devices.

For companies that are searching for a route or fleet management system with the purpose to increase the company's efficiency and streamline workflow, our route management software system that includes:

  • ServQuest™ - the route management software solution with the electronic route book;
  • Prism Dispatch™ - the trucking dispatch software solution;
  • MiniMate™ - the mobile app for handheld devices

is a competitive option to explore their business activities.