The Best Small Business Software  for Route Sales, Delivery and Equipment Service Companies

Prism offers the best small business software solution on the market.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a software company founded in 1997 by its owner Lorraine Keating. For years of presence on the market, our company has designed and developed high-quality software products that include desktop and mobile solutions for different industries focused on pre-order, delivery, route sales, or equipment service. Provided by us operational solutions benefit the large and mid-sized companies as well the small businesses. Thus, if you have a small business that main functionality is concerned with the route sales and delivery products and services, we can offer you the software solutions that will meet your company’s necessities.

Our small business software is the best for companies performing route sales, delivery, pre-order, and equipment service because for about twenty years we have been studying their specific needs and requirements. All our experience and knowledge we use for creating software solutions for such companies; therefore, our organization has received some awards and has been recognized as a leading software provider.

Today, we can offer our current and potencies, customers, including small business owners, different desktop and mobile applications that can be used separately as well as a full package of software solutions that include:

  • ServQuest™ desktop software package – comprehensive and reliable route accounting software that is designed to support sales, deliveries and field-service operations.
  • Prism Dispatch™ – the visual dispatching and route map optimization software that is included into ServQuest™ desktop package.
  • MiniMate™ – a mobile application for handheld devices that is helpful for pre-order salespeople, delivery drivers, route sales representatives, and equipment service technicians.
  • Order Connector – a unique ERP system that synchronizes the company’s accounting software to Prism’s desktop and mobile applications.
  • Web Customer – websites designed as toolkits that are attached to client websites.

As you see, we provide the small business performing pre-order, route sales, delivery or equipment service with software solutions that allow automating and computerizing its processes.

Benefits of using small business software by field service companies:

  • enables inventory management and control
  • enables providing the most profitable deliveries
  • provides monitoring the daily activities of drivers, route sales representatives, and equipment service technicians
  • serves planning, organizing and reporting the company’s business activity
  • provides real-time data and gives the ability to make an adjustment and analysis in the real-time
  • bears customization, scalability, and integration with the company’s accounting software
  • helps to attract, serve, and retain more customers, as a result, to increase sales and the company’s revenue.
Prism VS's software solutions