The Best Route Accounting System Enables Streamlining the Order Delivery Process

Streamline the order delivery with the best route accounting system.

The modern trends in business technologies orient on mobility and make it possible to have more interactions (sales, services, orders, payments) with customers at their locations.

The best route accounting is the means to control business activities from the customer order to delivery at the customer location and receipt the ordered goods or services by the customer.

Access to the real-time reliable and accurate information about the customer order status is decisive for ensuring that:

  • customer orders are correct, 
  • customer orders get delivered on time.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. specializes in developing software solutions for companies performing route sales and field services. We well know the specific such organizations, their problems, and needs.

Therefore, our professional software team (in close collaboration with accountants, operators, dispatchers and field workers with the purpose of to know their needs and requirements to the route accounting software) has developed the unique route accounting system that includes three main components:

We offer the best route accounting solution that allows considering each vehicle sent to the field (customer location) as a mobile store.

We understand that each such vehicle is loaded with inventory (products, materials, parts, equipment, and so on) that need to be reconciled at the end of the day. Our route accounting system is the best for companies performing route sales, deliveries of pre-ordered goods, equipment, and other field services as enables tracking inventory, not only at the main facility (warehouse or stock) but in each vehicle too. So, our clients have real-time information about which inventory is going in and out of vehicles each day.

With our route accounting solution, companies can be sure that their customers will receive their orders timely. Regardless whether their customers have placed orders ahead of time or periodically need services that are fulfilled on the contract basis, the right order will always be packed with the correct delivery vehicle and delivered at the right location at the right time. The same situation with the orders placed in the field. Offered by our company route accounting system can provide inventory availability to field employees.

Prism Visual Software's route accounting system.

Start to use our comprehensive route accounting system, and you will be able to effectively manage your fleet of vehicles and every transaction your mobile employees make in the field. Our route accounting system will give you a full picture of your business as a whole and deeper view of the sales trends and delivery effectiveness. As a result, you will see the best way of streamlining your inventory and order delivery processes.