The Best Route Accounting Software for Field Service Companies

Prism offers the best route accounting software specially developed for field service companies.

Companies performing route sales, delivering pre-ordered items, equipment, and other field services have many things to manage. The route accounting software system is a good solution for managing business activities that involve trading goods and services.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. develops the route accounting software that is widely used by service and delivery companies. Such popularity our software solution has because it is one of the best route accounting systems offered on the market.

Our goal is to build the best computer programs for our clients that meet all their needs and requirements. Therefore, our route accounting system includes both desktop and mobile software:

  • ServQuest™ - a desktop package developed for office staff with the purpose to help them to provide efficient route management and schedule field employees' jobs. 
  • Prism Dispatch™ - a desktop package developed for dispatchers with the purpose to help them to optimize the routes and plan the field employees' workday. 
  • MiniMate™ - a mobile application developed for field employees with the purpose to supply them and help to fulfill their job in the field effectively.

Our well-designed route accounting software system helps field service companies to:

  • create optimized routes for their delivery drivers and service technicians; 
  • create efficient inventory levels in their warehouses and stocks by having information about popular products and delivery times; 
  • increase reliability by tracking the status of each order and having real-time information about which items were delivered, damaged, or returned; 
  • increase employees' productivity by delivering more orders and fulfill service for more customers;
  • track staff productivity by having real-time information about the mobile worker location and time spent on service fulfillment; 
  • improve accuracy by delivering the right items for every order; 
  • have a real-time view of sales activity and inventory levels by maintaining accurate records.
  • manage current and forecast future inventory by providing business intelligence reporting; 

With the MiniMate™ mobile application, the route sales representatives can proficiently serve customers at their locations or on the route.

MiniMate™ allows route sales representatives to:

  • issue invoices, 
  • collect payments, 
  • acknowledge purchase orders.
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