The Best Inventory Management for Small Business Performing Field Service

System of the best inventory management for small business that performs field service.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a leading software provider on the market that offers software solutions for field service companies from various industries. We can offer any company irrespective it is a large organization, middle-sized company, or small business a unique inventory management software solution specially designed for businesses performing the field service. We understand that the company’s size is one of the aspects that define features and tools the company needs to run its business. Therefore, we always have a differentiated approach to the development of computerized solutions that allow automating and optimizing the business processes.

Today, we offer small business owners different desktop and mobile computer programs. For small business performing field service, one of the most helpful software solutions is or inventory management system that includes the ServQuest™ desktop and MiniMate™ mobile software and can work with printers and barcode scanners.

Our software system of inventory management for small businesses enables tracking receiving (incoming) and shipping (outgoing) goods. So, the user of our inventory management computerized system will always well know the real-time inventory levels via quick access to the important data anytime from anywhere. We have been studying the field service for many years and well know how it is important for companies, especially for small businesses (as small companies have a limited budget much less than big organizations) to have the right level of inventory in the stock. Our solution inventory management for small businesses allows minimizing the overstock and understock situations.

Prism VS's software solution of inventory management for small business allows companies:

  • to have visibility of its business activities throughout the supply chain; 
  • to provide greater profitability; 
  • to increase the level of customer service. 

The main features provided by Prism VS's inventory management software system for small business:

  • access to the real-time inventory data; 
  • integrating to different software systems such as accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and others; 
  • creating barcode labels; 
  • managing multiple suppliers; 
  • tracking levels of inventory located in multiple warehouses; 
  • purchases, sales, and inventory history 
  • correct inventory records.
inventory management software system

If you are a small business owner that wants to go away from the chaos to control your inventory, contact us, and we will help you to organize your inventory management in the right way with our software inventory management system specially designed for small businesses.