Prism VS's Field Service Software System - the Best Solution

the bast field service software helps to increase the company's productivity and revenue.

Does your company perform the field service?

We can offer you the best field service software that helps organizations provide effective onsite service.

Our software solution of the field service management includes desktop and mobile computer programs, so your office and field employees will always be connected.

With our field service management software, you will be able to:
  • increase your staff productivity, 
  • streamline your business activities, 
  • maximize the company's revenue.
You will be able to reach such high results by:
  • having visibility into each of your business operations; 
  • tracking requests; 
  • managing personnel in an effective way.

The main features provided by our field service software system include:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM). Developed by us computer programs help organizations to manage many of their processes concerned with the customers, including customer data, customer interaction, customer contracts, customer support, and others. 
  • Work order management. Our solution includes software that allows field service companies to know well their work processes with details of each step, improve workers' safety, reduce the time on work order fulfillment, increase timely work completion, and others. 
  • Inventory management. Our field service software provides overseeing quantities of products and materials that are ready for sale and support qualified services as well as tracking purchases, customer orders, sales, and deliveries pre-ordered products and services. 
  • Route management. The route management for maximum efficiencies is an important aspect of the successful field service regardless of whether a company performs route sales, delivery, equipment or another service. Therefore, taking into consideration the fact that the route management is often on the top of the list of concerns that field service companies meet, we offer the route management software that provides more than just route optimization that is a part of our overall solution. 
  • Fleet tracking. Our field service software includes the MiniMate™ mobile application that enables tracking your field workers' location and time. Moreover, with the ability to track your fleet, you will be able to improve your drivers’ safety and avoid road accidents and damages from exceeding drive times. 
  • Reporting. Reporting helps companies to improve their business intelligence and forecasting. Each of our computer programs, regardless of whether it is designed for inventory, route, customer relationship, or other management, provides features for creating reports that can help in business analysis and forecasting.