Prism VS's Field Service Software Provides the Best Solutions

The field service software provides a wide range of the best features.

Features That Should be Provided by the Field Service Software System to Be the Best on the Market:

  • Inbound and outbound call center to connect with customers and suppliers by phone.
  • Inventory level control for eliminating the overstock and out-of-stock situations. 
  • Warehouse management to provide support the everyday warehouse operations. 
  • Barcoding to enable the barcode inventory management. 
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) to create an efficient relationship with current and potential clients.
  • Vendors management to control costs of the purchased goods and to get the bigger return from vendors. 
  • Scheduling to plan the delivery services and products offered by customers. 
  • Dispatching to assign vehicles and field employees to clients with the purpose to fulfill customer service at their locations. 
  • Route management to maximize the efficiency of the field service and to increase customer satisfaction. 
  • Route map optimization to reduce business costs and increase field staff profitability. 
  • Task management to manage the status of tasks and projects. 
  • Work order management to monitor the work order distribution and status. 
  • Invoicing to creating and send customer invoices and monitor invoices status. 
  • Human resource (HR) management to maximize the performance of employee providing the field service. 
  • Mobility to have a connection between the office and field anytime, to provide field employees with necessary instructions and information, to track the mobile workers time and location, to receive payments at customer locations, to collect customer signature as a proof of delivered products and goods, and other. 
  • Fleet tracking to improve the safety of drivers and to eliminate the road accidents and injuries from the exceeding drive time. 
  • Reporting to improve business analysis and forecasting. 
  • Integration with accounting and other software systems. 

Prism Visual Software, Inc. specializes in developing software solutions for field service companies. We have studied such companies needs and well know which software products can be helpful for them. Therefore, developed by our professional team products provide the best field service software solutions that are widely used by organizations from various industries. The number of our clients grows constantly.

Our field service software includes desktop and mobile programs that allow companies to:

  • increase productivity, 
  • streamline business processes, 
  • maximize efficiency,
  • increase customer satisfaction.