ERP Software is the Great Tool for Any Business

Enterprise resource planning - ERP software solution

Regardless of the industry, any company needs an ERP software solution because the ERP system is the backbone of the business, automating, and supporting all processes carried out by the business. ERP systems are used by companies to collect, store, manage, and interpret data from various of their business activities, including product planning, purchase. manufacturing, sales, or/and products and service delivery.

Our company - a leading provider of the accounting desktop and mobile applications - offers an ERP system that is a suite of software applications that allow companies, which provide route sales, pre-order delivery, and equipment service, to define, organize, and standardize their business activities in an effective way. In other words, our enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications constitute a computer model of some particular business. Our ERP software enables collecting, storing, interpreting, and managing data from various business activities. Moreover, our planning applications included in the ERP system can provide recommendations for product planning, marketing, sales, service delivery, and other operations that must be accomplished with the purpose to meet the smooth business functionality.

ERP software provided by Prism Visual Software, Inc. is built on a single, comprehensive database management system. Our ERP software solution is fully integrated with all departments across the enterprise, from finance to customer service; furthermore, it is integrated with the accounting software used by companies such as SAP, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, and AccountMate.

How do the best-run companies differ from average? Usually, they have the industry-specific software. One of the main advantages of Prism Visual Software’s ERP software consists of its unique peculiarity to meet the needs of the route sales, pre-order delivery, and equipment service business and to be customized in order to align more closely with the unique business processes of each individual company.

Our ERP software can help the route sales companies to sell smarter and more close collaboration with the customers from anywhere (from the office or on the road) on any device (desktop or handheld). With provided by Prism VS the ERP system, your office is wherever you are. Our mobile application for handheld devices allows contact with the office from anywhere in real-time.

The main features of Prism VS's ERP system are:

  • route management,
  • asset management,
  • visual dispatching and mapping,
  • automated call centers (inbound, outbound, and collections),
  • warehouse control,
  • equipment management and service,
  • inventory loading and selling algorithms,
  • query report writers and web centers to connect customers and regional offices.
ERP software system

The main desktop and mobile packages included in the Prism VS's ERP solution:

  • ServQuest™ includes various desktop applications such as inbound call center, outbound call center, inventory control, scheduling, dispatch, and others. It is integrated part Prism Dispatch™ provides visual dispatching and route optimization on the map, that allows planning a workday for each driver, sales representatives and equipment technician adjusting the schedule as needed, including emergency tickets
  • MiniMate™ - a mobile application for handheld devices that allows drivers to be equipped with delivery and sale instructions, contact information, map, account balances, invoices, and other.
Any salesperson has to make important calls every day which impacts the company's team and customers. Our call center software will help to make the right calls and contact the existing and future customers. For more information about enterprise resource planning – an enterprise resource planning system provided by Prism Visual Software, Inc., contact us at 516-944-5920 or write the e-mail. We are always looking for the new ways to help our clients with growing their business and increasing their business efficiency. Your success is our success.