Big Geyser

Big Geyser - One of New York's largest independent non-alcoholic beverage distributors Several years ago we decided to get a mature sales distribution and routing solution that integrates with accounting software. Since the implementation of
Prism's solution, our business has grown considerably and we are glad to have selected Prism's handheld and desktop software. The solution has brought precision, accountability, and structure into our scheduling, routing, and billing processes. We are very satisfied with Prism's products, development team, and customer care.
Lewis Hershkowitz, COO
Big Geyser Inc


"Prism sells a quality software product that organized my business, reduced my fuel costs and reduced my labor costs dramatically throughout my business. I used 2 other route distribution software companies integrated with my QuickBooks before this and I should have chosen this one first. Prism has designed a leading Route Management, Scheduling and Visual Dispatch software to address the entire business both in the office and in the field. Their configurable software optimized my work flow to give me a full ROI in less than six months in my salt pumping company. The Prism team and the Prism Suite know the challenges of route sales distribution. I would recommend this software to any distribution company needing technology to cut costs whether you are pumping product like we do (Co2, oil, salt, etc) at Step Saver or selling and distributing product(s)"
Bill Picard
Step-Saver Inc. Salt Pumping Systems

Coffee Pause

Coffee Pause - A Unique Route Delivery Service
Prism Software is a Home Run! I was amazed how fast my 20 Route Sales drivers in 7 different distribution centers learned the MiniMate handheld software. The entire fleet was running overnight because the handheld software design is logical and simple. In the office, our customer service agents are answering customer questions easily and quickly. Prism's inbound and outbound call centers present all the information clearly which provides my customers with a positive experience. At the same time, Prism's focus on customer balance and cash collections both on the handheld and on the desktop will help my company in any economy. Finally, having experienced 3 rollouts of software to run my entire business over the last 3 decades, Prism's turnkey solution for OCS distribution made the experience an easy transition and huge success.

Speaking for my entire team, Coffee Pause is thrilled to have Prism as a partner and to have their Route Accounting software run our OCS business so efficiently.
David Fuller
Coffee Pause

C.V. Ice

C.V. Ice - Manufacturer of Ice Products With Prism's software we know exactly when we need to make our next delivery to our customers. This is particularly important since we deliver ice. The predictions are very reliable because they are based on past sales and specific capacities of a customer's site. Before using Prism's software, we were never really sure how much to bring to a site. Prism has made our deliveries very precise, dependable, and accurate. MiniMate is great!
Kevin Mason
CV Ice

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Home Delivery Group

HDG Home Delivery Group - Delivering Confidence Our solution was up and running in our first office within 30 days. After six months we have five offices, running software in a central location, and over 100 drivers, delivering along the eastern sea board. My customer's are thrilled that I have been able to pass on savings to them which is due to the efficiencies that Prism's software has provided my company. Prism's team learns fast, and they were able to make changes quickly and flawlessly to facilitate our billing complexities. Prism exceeded my expectations. They are a great partner to have as we grow our business nationally.
Frank Spreitzer, CEO
Home Delivery Group

Prism Clients

We implemented the Prism Software on our routes starting June, 2008. Our credits for the last 2 quarters of 2007 were $132,796.89. Our credits for the last 2 quarters of 2008 were $85, 179.66. We realized a savings of $47,617.83 for the last half of 2008 using the Prism Software. That's a savings of $7,936.31 each month. Thanks so much for all your help.
Wayne Lord
Lord's Sausage & Country Ham, Inc.

McGowan Water Conditioning Inc.
Prism has assembled an impressive team. We always receive outstanding technical support; I call and receive a call back just minutes later. The support is prompt, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable. Any of the problems we encounter are quickly solved. Words cannot express the comfort feel knowing we have such competent backing. I consider myself fortunate to be one of the many benefactors of that team.
BR O'Halloran, General Manager
McGowan Water Conditioning Inc.

Pinnacle Distribution
Pinnacle Distribution - Perishable Food Distribution / Route Sales . Before we used Prism Software, we had to guesstimate how much fresh fruit to sell our customers. We were often buying spoiled food back reducing our bottom line. Thanks to MiniMate. s predictive sale calculations per customer, we have increased our route profitability 5xs. We are now selling new customers and expanding into new markets without worrying if we can do it profitably. Prism software paid for itself within 2 months if not sooner!"
Josh Naville, CEO
Pinnacle Distribution

Scharff Weisberg, Inc.
Scharff Weisberg and especially our accounting department appreciate the efforts that Prism's support staff has provided in resolving any time-critical problems we have with our accounting solution. Prism's support staff always listens to any situation, analyzes the problem and is right on with the solution in a timely manner to prevent untold problems. I'm sure Scharff Weisberg is not the only company singing the praises of Prism's support staff.
Stanley H. Jacobs, C.F.O.
Scharff Weisberg, Inc.

Soda Service
We have been with Prism since 2000, have grown tremendously with their program, and their support. I have appreciated the entire sales, software implementation, and support service process from the first time I spoke with Prism. The Prism team was always patient in answering all of our questions during the sales process. They gave great demos and lots of information that helped us in making our decision. I really valued the professionalism during the implementation process, and we wouldn't survive without Prism's outstanding support services. Individually and as a company, Prism is always helping us when we need it. They have changed our course with their innovative ideas, understanding of our business and tech needs, and patient support. The routing
solution meets our expectations exactly right and we are looking forward to fully growing into Prism's comprehensive package!
Ronnie Starman
Soda Service