Take Your Sales under Control with the Inventory and Sales Software

The functionality provided by the inventory and sales software system:

• Multichannel customer relationship management (CRM):
  • personalized emails with powerful content; 
  • live chats with website visitors; 
  • effective phone calls; 
  • engaging social media in the selling process; 
  • real-time notifications across multiple channels of customer interaction; 
  • history of customer interactions through multiple channels.

CRM software solution
Inventory and warehousing software
• Inventory and warehousing:
  • running warehouse management and inventory control a single software system; 
  • managing warehouse transfers; 
  • accurate real-time information about inventory levels and location; 
  • alerts of critical inventory levels;

• Pricing and sales:
  • running sales from purchasing to shipment in a single powerful system; 
  • tracking the picking, packing, shipping, and delivery; 
  • real-time, accurate information about every sale; 
  • elastic and scalable pricing: 
    • discounts and promotion, 
    • minimum selling price for individual items, 
    • customer group and contract price levels; 
  • multiple currencies;
	Pricing and sales software

	Customized reports
• Customized reports with visual representation:
  • customer interactions; 
  • inventory turnover; 
  • sales history.

• Analysis and forecusting:
  • comparing actual sales performance with a predicted tendency; 
  • defining deviations from projected sales patterns.
Analysis and forecusting

Expected results of using inventory and sales software:

Expected results of using sales solutions
  • automating and optimizing inventory control and warehouse management processes; 
  • eliminating duplicate data entry and data entry errors; 
  • performing sells smarter, better, and faster; 
  • closing more deals for a shorter time; 
  • monitoring every aspect of the sales cycle; 
  • streamlining response to customers requests; 
  • meaningful interactions with customers; 
  • preventing stock-outs and over-stock; 
  • making informed business decisions.