Take Scheduling Software with the ServQuest™ Comprehensive Package

Use ServQuest comprehensive scheduling software package.

Most would agree that getting organized helps people to take control of their space, time and life. As to business, organized in the right way business activities is one of the main keys to the company's success. It is known that in personal life, to have the organization outside, we need to start organizing inside, and first of all, to clarify our priorities. There are a lot of recommendations about how to be organized, from organizing our space to using calendars and planners and keeping all our activities to schedules. What suggestions can help companies to organize their processes in the optimal, most effective way? It is only one answer, namely to use scheduling tools that allow managing the company’s relationships it has with customers as well as the company’s relationships it has with employees. Today, the main, perhaps, even the only tool in this is the scheduling software developed by the professional software team such as Prism Visual Software’s developers.

Our scheduling application is included in the comprehensive desktop software package - ServQuest™ - that is the route management solution with a wide range of features such as customer database, dispatch management, an electronic route book, call center management, job management, billing and invoicing, and other.

Our scheduling system includes various features that can be conditionally divided into a few groups such as:

  • customer integration: online sign-on, phone calls, e-mail;
  • customer management: user interface, e-mail and call marketing, appointment history;
  • customer scheduling: online scheduling for a single delivery, phone call to be included in products or service delivery schedule, schedule creation, schedule control, and correction;
  • customer support: phone and e-mail support;
  • scheduling navigation: customer location, customer profile management, step by step navigation and proof of delivery;
  • scheduling administration: recurring and emergency schedules, multiple location support, drivers support;
  • driver tickets management: creating daily, weekly, and monthly tickets, tickets control, and correction, location-specific assignments;
  • reporting: full reporting.
Scheduling Software

With any our software product, including scheduling solution, we provide additional services to our clients such as customizations our application to your route accounting needs, complete and thorough communication, support, and training during the implementation phase, additional consultations on an hourly or project-based fee and support service on an annual basis. Contact us today, and our professional specialists will explain to you how our scheduling solution can help your business grow and will give answers to all your questions.