Take Advantages of Trucking Company Software

Benefits of using trucking company software

Performing deliveries timely with the minimum expenses is real!

Start to use Prism’s software solution specially developed for trucking companies and, you will make sure of that.

What makes our software system ideal for your trucking company?

  • reasonable setup expenses; 
  • easy to set up and use; 
  • broad functionality; 
  • quick and easy integration with other software systems; 
  • protection of your business data; 
  • regular upgrading; 
  • highly qualified support.

Benefits of using trucking company software provided by Prism Visual Software, Inc.:

  • managing inventory, loads, warehouses, customer relationship, vendor relationship, invoices, customer orders, work orders, and more in one place quickly and efficiently; 
  • quick and easy documenting drivers, equipment, loads, trucks maintenance, and other important information; 
  • easy keep tracking of all important documents and viewing them in easy to read format; 
  • real-time monitoring track drivers’ location and work time; 
  • guiding track drivers with the standard operating procedures; 
  • using pre-trip and post-trip inspection surveys for the Department of Transportation (DOT) annually inspection and internal records; 
  • receiving alerts for expiring documents such as a commercial driver's license (CDL), insurance, guarantee, and other; 
  • tracking equipment mileage with automatically updating miles based on delivered orders; 
  • tracking the vehicles maintenance expenses by logging all received services and service bills;
  • easy data entry and managing of vendors and customers contact information: addresses, phone numbers, directions, and more; 
  • quick and easy creating optimized delivery routes with multiple stops; 
  • performing the balanced workloads with the skill-based assignments; 
  • providing truck drivers with delivery instructions and other information needed for performing their job on delivery customer orders timely; 
  • enabling truck drivers to service customers without a data connection through the standalone database on the handheld devices; 
  • scheduling deliveries with taking into account customers’ preferred delivery time; 
  • insight into all trucking and dispatch operations; 
  • creating, viewing, and exporting customized reports, and more.