Tablets and Smartphone Apps for Sales and Distributions

Can and Will Leverage the Latest in Mobile Computing Today and in the Future

Mobile Computing History in Distribution

Mobile Computing

While Desktop Solutions (Main Dish) are Status Quo:

Accounting System
Few Notable areas for Distribution companies to watch and think about:
  • Taxing
  • Standard leading DBs – MS SQL, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Lite 
  • Host or not to Host.

Mobile Technology is changing and emerging quickly

Mobile Technjlogy

Launched 5+ years ago.

Launched 2 weeks ago.

Consumers demanded these.

Operating Systems first.

Business applications are arriving!

There will be Lots of Sides to have

There ARE and WILL be Apps that will solve business challenges

The App Answer starts with a Question

Problem 1- How can I promote Accountability?

Promote accountability


Google Latitude


Problem 1- Accountability Continued

Tracking: Google Latitude: COST Free

Other options related to tracking the device and person:
  1. Where are you?  GPS Tracker  $1.49
  2. Phone Locator or Lockout - Free   / Premium 2.99 per month

Problem 1- How can I reduce the Sales Paperwork?

Editable PDFs:  Create them, use SignNow, import from

DropBox or email, send to the office - COST Free

Sales paperwork

Future:  Connect PDF to your Enterprise System:

PDFs are “Taggable”.  

Enterprise Systems either will attach to the customer or import and create the data in the database

Problem 3 - How can I Improve Communication?

Document Sharing: DropBox, Box, Google Drive - COST Varies

Improve communication

Future End Game:  Connect PDF automatically to your Enterprise

System via tag/key or import data into System

Problem 3 - Communication Continued?


Verbal Communication/ Push to talk is back – Tikl or Voxer – COST Free

Problem 4 - How can I collect mobile credit credits?

Collect mobile credits

Mobile Payment: GoPayment, Square, PayAnywhere - COST Varies per transaction.

Problem 5 - How can I empower my Service Techs?

Assistance: Google Talk, Face Time - Cost Free

Service tech

Assistance: Google Talk, Face Time - Cost Free

Mobile print

Screen Real Estate:  Read manufacturer Manuals - Cost Free

Printing:  Printer Share, Cloud Print - Cost Free

Problem 6 - How can I empower my sales team to sell more?

Google latitude

Find Leads:  Google Latitude, Yelp, - Free

Card reader

Contact Management:  Cam Card  Cost = 11.99

Problem 6 - How can I empower my Route Sales & Delivery Drivers?

All the tools already mentioned

Problem 7 - What device is good for my field worker?

Device for field worker

Problem 8 - Apps are nice, but what will run my distribution business?

15 years of Mobile Technology Development Experience introduces:

Prism’s MiniMate for Android

MiniMate for Android

Field Workers Served:

  • Pre Order Sales People
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Route Sales Managers
  • Equipment Service Techs

Conclusion - iOS, Droid and Windows RT Revolution

1) Ensure your “Main Course” is on a path to offer these new Mobile OS’s or find a partner who has moved in that direction to be a resource.

2) Think about current processes, challenges, and problems. Write them down to set a plan. Research by

  • Talking to other distributors or tech partners
  • Searching the stores for the answer
  • Engaging your Tech-savvy children, Millennials and recent college grads
  • End result: You will have the VISION to either equip your salespeople, equipment techs or drivers or ALL with the NEW Mobile OSs in the marketplaces
For more information, contact:
Andrew Kuneth
Prism Visual Software