Stock ServQuest™ Desktop and MiniMate™ Mobile Software for Managing Inventory in Multiple Warehouses

Prism’s stock software system benefits

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a popular software provider between organizations performing route sales, delivery of pre-ordered goods, and equipment service because it provides for such companies computerized solutions specially designed with taking into consideration the specificity of their business activity. We know how inventory management is important for providing successful sales and distribution operations; therefore, it has developed a stock software system that enables easy management of inventory located in multiple warehouses.

With our solution companies can enjoy real-time, detailed visibility into their inventory. Supply and strong control of the inventory measures enables fulfillment of the customer orders in time. Using our stock software system also saves hours of employees' work concerned with the data entry, organizing inventory control, and fulfilling customer orders. With this solution our professional team has specially designed for you, you will be able to turn the leads into orders, orders into shipments, and shipments into revenue in the shortest time.

Automated purchasing with lower cost and high control enables moving from paper-based manual purchasing to streamlined purchasing. Integrating with other software solutions used by your organization allows you to eliminate IT costs, including such caring as maintaining and upgrading the separate applications.

Our stock management software system includes ServQuest™ desktop and MiniMate™ mobile software packages. MiniMate™ is designed to run on handheld devices and work with barcode scanners and printers. Provided by us stock software system streamlines the inventory control and enables minimizing inventory shrinkage and stock-outs.

Prism VS’s stock software system benefits:

  • sales managers: makes purchasing and selling processes much easier; 
  • route sales representatives: gives real-time information about available inventory in stock; 
  • warehouse employees: gives information about items location and quantity; 
  • accountants and bookkeepers: enables quick access to the latest financial reports.

ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ stock software system helps:

  • to perform stock management by tracking inventory activities and movements within different warehouses; 
  • to optimize the process of stock management; 
  • to anticipate demand for products and services; 
  • to receive the reorder alerts timely; 
  • to decrease costs by cutting inventory levels; 
  • to have quick access to the customers and suppliers information 
  • to generate the inventory and shipping barcode labels; 
  • to perform inventory analysis and forecasting.
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