Solutions: In the Office and On the Road

office and road solutions

Prism Visual Software’s routing software enables companies with an active field force to automate the delivery and service processes with superior computer technology.

Prism Visual Software’s products consist of efficient, reliable, and user-friendly desktop and handheld solutions. They are SQL server-based and handle single or remote offices effortlessly. The software comes “out of the box” or can be modified according to the individual needs of a company’s routing business. In fact, the beauty of Prism VS’ products are the ease with which modifications can be made to the standard features of each solution.

Prism Visual Software’s products help companies to decrease the time spent keying in data, which includes inventory used and the reconciliation of monies owed and collected. The products, whether they are bought as a comprehensive solution or as an initial basic package with future add-on options, increase the accuracy of information during every step of the order-taking, delivery or servicing, and billing process. The automatic transfer of data from one process to another reduces data entry errors that inevitably occur otherwise.

Our products assure that the routing process is efficient. To ensure that regularly scheduled deliveries or services are routed efficiently, Prism VS's solutions integrate with mapping programs that optimize the driver’s route. For emergency services, Prism VS’s dispatch board allows dynamic assignments of tasks to technicians with or without mapping options. Best business practices are part of the everyday routine.

Working with countless business operations that route trucks and assign field-service technicians, Prism Visual Software has the knowledge and experience to effectively and successfully bring routing and service companies into a web-based and wireless computer environment.

What are our products and how do they work and for whom?

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