Transportation Management System

Use transportation management system to track, measure, execute, and plan your business.

A transportation management system (TMS) is a set of computer programs, applications and modules that contribute cooperation between company's order management system (OMS), inventory management system, warehouse management system (WMS), store management system or distribution center (DC) and help companies to plan, organize, optimize and execute the transportation process in a detailed way.

Key business processes served by the transportation management system:

  • Planning and making decisions. – Defining the most effective transport schemes in conformity with determined business parameters, including transport costs, more multiple stops for the same time, shorter lead-time, and other. The importance levels of parameters are designated by the company.
  • Execution. – Monitoring and controlling the execution of the transportation via connecting to the multiple carriers.
  • Tracking. – Traceability of the transportation by every event: ordering, invoicing, shipping, customs clearance, arrival, etc.
  • Measurements. – Logistic key performance indicators such as on-time delivery; cost per different metrics like volume, weight, mileage and other; dock to stock and other are decisive in estimating the efficiency of using the company's transport.

Our world today is filled with data and your company should invest in technologies that enable upgrading the business managing, controlling and measuring solutions, including the transportation management system.

Goals any transportation management software should achieve:

  • reducing business costs via better route planning, load optimization, attracting more experienced workers, etc.; 
  • improving accountability of the transportation process from the purchasing to delivery; 
  • providing visibility of the full transportation chain; 
  • providing the transportation process with the greater flexibility; 
  • meeting the key requirements of the transportation execution; 
  • providing the management and control of all aspects of the transportation process; 
  • adapting the newest technologies to the changing business needs. 

Functions provided by transportation management software vary from solution to solution, but the most commonly offered of them are:

  • transportation planning; 
  • route optimization; 
  • real-time transportation tracking; 
  • managing of different kinds of transport and other.
Transportation Management Software System