Software Dispatching Solutions Enhances the Dispatcher Job

Software dispatching solutions

Dispatching includes procedures of assigning workers such as delivery drivers, route sales representatives, service technicians and other to customers. There are many industries that use dispatching in their everyday activities: couriers, deliveries, route sales, fire, ambulances, emergency services, taxi, pest control, electricians, equipment, plumbing, and other field services.

Dispatchers when performing their job:

  • can take and answer customer calls if a company does not have the telephone operators; 
  • communicate with delivery drivers, service technicians, route sales representatives, and other mobile employees worked in the field; 
  • compare customers to vehicles or mobile workers in according to the order of the client calls and closeness of vehicles to the client locations; 

  • schedule services purchased by customers in advance; 
  • coordinate the delivery driver and field worker availability and travel time to the customer location; 
  • dispatch each mobile worker individually or in teams; 
  • track work orders status by phone, radio, and mobile devices; 
  • track and monitor each vehicle and mobile employee movements; 
  • keep tabs on what field workers need; 
  • respond to unusual situations and report about them to those in the field; 
  • adjust schedules as needed; 
  • include emergency work tickets in the schedule; 
  • move many field employees around at the same time.

It is very difficult to take into account many aspects that the dispatching process includes, prioritize the most important things, and make decisions quickly. Fortunately, computer dispatching software greatly simplifies and enhances the dispatchers' activities.

Our company for many years has been developing dispatching software and can offer today our customers a computerized system that includes Prism Dispatch™ desktop package for using in the office on the desktops and laptops and MiniMate™ mobile application for using in the field on the smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Prism Dispatch™ and MiniMate™ provide the next dispatching solutions:

  • automating and optimizing dispatching processes, 
  • creating detailed, customizable dashboards for getting a quick look at the daily workload, 
  • optimizing the delivery routes; 
  • simplifying dispatcher workflow,
  • assisting with dispatching tasks within work orders; 
  • automatically tracking mobile employees location and work time; 
  • providing real-time data for drivers and other mobile workers.
Prism Dispatch™ and MiniMate™ dispatching software