Software Asset Management and Maintenance

The effective software asset management system

Assets are an integral part of any business, and it means that effective asset management is one of the main keys to business success. So, it is not surprising, that organizations from small business to huge companies in every possible way try to find an efficient asset management system that, first, bases on modern software technologies and, second, the best meets the company’s business requirements.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. provides software solutions for companies from different industries performing route sales, pre-ordered delivery, and equipment service.

Our professional team has developed many computer programs for:

  • personal computers: multi-component desktops, easy portable laptops, hand-held tablets, and handheld-sized pocket PCs; 
  • mobile phones – smartphones; 
  • electronic hand-held devices.

We know all aspects of the field service, as well as the effective strategies needed to meet the clients' hopes in the equipment service.

Therefore, we have developed software solutions enabling managing all key processes, including:

  • Equipment management and maintenance – management machines, vehicles, tools, and other devices owned and rented out by the equipment service company performing their maintenance; 
  • Asset management and maintenance – management machines, vehicles, tools and other devices owned by the serviced company or person and supported by the equipment service company performing their maintenance.

Every organization performing equipment service and asset maintenance wants its employees to meet customers’ expectations. First of all, managers need to be sure that their field workers (route sales representatives, equipment technicians, delivery drivers) maintain their schedules. The MiniMate™ software application is an indispensable tool in such situations as it enables tracking mobile workers' location and time and managing their tasks distribution. Our software team has specially designed the MiniMate™ for tablets, smartphones handheld-sized pocket PCs and electronic devices.

MiniMate™ is also helpful for the field workforce while they are in the field as:

  • assists workers in allocating their work orders; 
  • provides them with the delivery, sale and equipment and asset service instructions;
  • guides employees with the standard operating surveys and procedures; 
  • enables collecting customers mobile signature and customers payment; 
  • allows printing invoices in the field; 
  • generate reports about delivered products and services.
MiniMate Asset Management and Maintenance