Smart and Simple ERP Software for Sales

Prism offers smart and simple ERP software solution.

Prism Visual Software’s team believes in keeping the ERP software both smart and simple. That is why our ERP solution provided to companies that perform the route sales, pre-order delivery, and equipment service is among the leaders.

We develop solutions specific to the sales and delivery processes that meet unique day-to-day business needs. Our ERP software gives your salespeople a tool that can enable to accelerate their productivity and sales performance by making quick and smart business decisions. Your sales staff will sell more and smarter everywhere: in the office and on the road, even when they are offline.

Salespeople make important choices that impact a team and customers every day. Our ERP software, namely ServQuest™ desktop software package, will help your sales workers make the right calls. Our MiniMate™ mobile application software delivers insight and agility on the handheld devices, so employees can collaborate and work from anywhere.

In sales, nobody can win alone; a team always works together – from operators to drivers – in the purpose to do more close deals faster. Our ERP software is built around collaboration. Your team should collaborate on the customer needs. If you meet your clients at a stated price and time, you will have a good order experience every time. By collaborating enterprise-wide in the real time, our ERP system will help you to get a correct understanding of your customers' needs and to deliver the right orders opportunely, right on schedule. Your operators, salespeople, logistics, financiers, drivers, and technicians will work together as one team and share information about customers’ interactions and orders, products availability and orders deliveries, billing and payments as well as to eliminate surprises such as supply chain disruptions and unsuccessful orders authorizations.

The main advantages of using Prism Visual Software’s ERP software solution for sales:

  • accelerating sales cycles
  • improving the orders accuracy
  • having more successful deals with compelling and accurate sales
  • streamlining the processes of sales and delivery
  • providing compelling and accurate proposals
  • guaranteeing the error-free operation from order taking to order fulfillment
  • providing the relevant pricing and quotation management
  • reliable ensuring the timely delivery
  • improving customer satisfaction
  • reducing days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • providing the effective payment management
  • inventory control and others. 
Business software, including enterprise resource planning ( ERP ), should not be complicated.