Small Business Sales Software Features

Inventory control software system.

Do you want to react quickly to customer demand? Start to use small business sales software that helps to reach and convert more leads.

Advanced sales software combines easy navigation patterns and powerful management features:

  • Customer relationship management – helps to collect and organize customer contact information (including leads): name, email, phone number, address, order history, return history, preferences, and more; to track, record and analyze customer interactions: calls, emails, messages, charts, and others. 
  • Contact management – helps to maintain a vendor database: contact information, purchase orders, return history, and more. 
  • Lead management – helps to define, generate, capture, and nurture the leads up to a conversion. 
  • Inventory management – helps to control inventory levels in stock, track inventory movement from the vendor, within the warehouse(s), and to the customer. 
  • Campaign management – helps to plan, organize, realize, and track marketing campaigns designed for different goals, including increasing sales of a product, introducing a new product, building a brand image, reducing the impact of negative news, and others. 
  • Work management – helps to create a sales representatives’ efficient daily work schedule that includes meetings with current clients and potential customers via scheduled visits and calendar invites. 
  • Route management – helps to plan and schedule delivery, optimize routes with multiple stops, track vehicle location, and monitor mobile employees’ work time. 
  • Billing and invoicing – helps to make simpler payment processes and their control. 
  • Accounting – helps to collect, measure, process, analyze, and communicate financial data. 
  • Order management – helps to streamline order processing with a minimum of delays and backorders. 
  • Email management – helps to have contact with customers, send them promotions, schedule reminders, track the customers’ behavior, and more.
  • Task management – helps to handle several tasks and projects, do not miss anything via notifications, share assignments with anyone from the team to get work done faster, track the time spent on every task. 
  • Field service management – helps to organize mobile employees, a fleet of vehicles, and equipment. 
  • Reporting – helps to create powerful reports: template and customized. 
  • Integration – helps to connect with third-party software with specialized functionality. 

To grow your small sales business as quickly as possible, you need the right sales software solutions. Add them to your arsenal.

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