Simple Inventory Software with Powerful Functionality

Simple Inventory Software Can Provide the Powerful Functionality

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers small, medium, and large businesses the professional software that enables effective stock control and inventory management across one or several warehouse locations.

Prism VS’s simple inventory software solution provides:

  • user-friendly, reliable, and secure interface; 
  • information about real-time stock levels; 
  • managing transfers between different warehouse locations; 
  • tracking product counts and transactions; 
  • law stock level alerts; 
  • easy tools for sorting, searching, and exporting data to different formats; 
  • read and printing the barcode labels; 
  • access to inventory data from different devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices; 
  • a quick and simple method of adding specific entries; 
  • powerful reporting capabilities; easy customization to meet the specific needs;
  • inventory history; 
  • advanced purchasing functionality, and more. If you want: 
  • to purchase, receive, adjust, transfer, count stock, track, and fulfill all of your inventory from one centralized platform. 
  • to ensure that physical product counts match records in books;
  • to have instant access to the most important inventory data; 
  • to empower the staff with 100% visibility into every phase of your inventory life-cycle; 
  • to effectively manage your offline and online orders; 
  • to use inventory software that is compatible with the most popular accounting systems, barcode printers, and readers; 
  • to receive the warning message when the product is under the limit level; 
  • to plan the future movements of stock; 
  • to increase the efficiency of your employees and serve more customers; 
  • to have the ability to recognize possibilities for greater profitability; 
  • to keep tracking the movement of every unit; 
  • to fulfill every customer order with confidence and more our inventory software system is the right for you.
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Stop spending thousands of dollars on inventory management. Offered by us software solutions will perfectly do that for a much less price. Contact us today, and our consultants will give you full information about our inventory software solution and answer all questions you are interested in.