Simple and Effective Inventory Management for Small Businesses

Simple Inventory Management for Small Businesses

We know well how it is difficult to track everything between the office, field employees, and different systems. Therefore, our professional team does our best to help our customers to improve their business activities via optimizing their day-to-day processes. Today, we can offer small, middle-sized, and large companies different software solutions that can help them to increase profitability and, as a result, to serve more customers and increase revenue.

We have been developing software solutions for more than twenty years, and know the needs and requirements for software systems of small businesses and large organizations are different. We always provide a few versions with various functionalities of each of our software products. The inventory management software system is not an exception. We introduce our simple inventory management software system specially designed for small and middle-sized businesses. This system consists of the ServQuest™ desktop package and MiniMate™ mobile application that cover all features needed for effective management of inventory located in multiple warehouses. If you want:

  • to fulfill the accurate distribution of goods and services,
  • to close your deals faster and more secure,
  • to provide the prompt customer service

our simple inventory software solution is developed for you.

Benefits of using Prism’s inventory management software system:

  • the single centralized platform enables simple purchasing, tracking, and fulfilling all other activities of the inventory life-cycle;
  • multiple warehouses – managing, tracking, and transferring inventory across multiple locations;
  • managing by serial and lot numbers for more reliable tracking;
  • real-time notifications allow to know immediately when the items' go out of stock or their quantities get low levels; 
  • mobile accessibility enables managing the inventory from any device; 
  • barcode scanning with a smartphone, tablet, or external scanner; 
  • advanced purchasing functionality for creating purchases and send them to vendors; 
  • powerful reporting simplifies the data analysis;
  • accurate planning and forecasting helps to become more proactive; 
  • safety – all company’s data is kept safely; 
  • customization to meet the company’s specific needs and requirements; 
  • integration with accounting and other helpful software systems; 
  • accurate order fulfillment increases the number of satisfied customers.
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This is only a shortlist of advantages our simple inventory management software system can deliver to your company.