Simple and Powerful Truck Dispatch Software

Prism's truck dispatch software solution

Prism Dispatch™ is the truck dispatching software that can help trucking companies of all sizes. We were developing Prism Dispatch™ not only with trucking companies in mind but also with their participation too. We always closely work with our customers; therefore well know problems they meet in everyday business activity. Our goal is to help trucking companies run their business smoothly via optimization as more processes as possible.

The specificity of any trucking company concludes in the necessity to coordinate drivers and send them to the right destination for a purpose. Dispatchers' responsibilities include receiving and transmitting messages, the direction of all units, tracking vehicles and equipment, and recording important information. Trucking companies use dispatchers to relay information, monitor the delivery of freight, coordinate schedules, delivery pickup, and other operations. Substantially, dispatchers are conductors of the workforce.

The right truck dispatch software can significantly help dispatchers to optimize their work processes and, therefore, holds a key role in the successes of trucking companies. Developed by our professional software team Prism Dispatch™ is a powerful and, at the same time, simple tool that provides many beneficial features. In addition to Prism Dispatch™, we have developed the MiniMate™ mobile application running on the Windows and Android operating systems. MiniMate™ is indispensable for truck drivers. It does not require any specific hardware and can be installed on the smartphone, tablet, or other mobile handheld devices.

Some benefits of using our truck dispatch software solution:

  • efficient planning the drivers' workday, 
  • quick access to the status of the vehicles, drivers, and work orders, 
  • including emergency tickets to the work orders, 
  • adjusting the schedule as needed, 
  • generating optimized routes with multiple stops at customers’ locations, 
  • servicing more customers with fewer costs, 
  • having information about the availability of vehicles and drivers, 
  • knowing the location of each vehicle and driver anytime, 
  • having full control over the work orders, 
  • the visibility and insight of the company’s business processes, 
  • making the right decisions timely, 
  • having the fulfilled deliveries history and other job documentation, 
  • truck drivers have access to real-time information anytime from anywhere by using their mobile device, 
  • eliminating the paperwork,
  • integration with accounting software systems, and more. 
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