Simple Accounting Software for Small Business Helps to Maintain Financial Operations and Reports

The Simple Accounting Software System for Small Business

Any small business owner is forced:

  • to implement the bookkeeping, billing, and invoicing; 
  • to track payments (including taxes), job costs, sales, and purchases; 
  • to monitor cash flow, business expenses, investments, and loans;
  • to perform other financial activities.

Simple accounting software enables small businesses with little staff to maintain their financial operations and reports. The categorization, automatic calculation, adjustments, correction, and reporting of the important financial information in different forms are only a shortlist of benefits accounting software system can give small companies.

Some features the accounting software system can provide:

  • setting up the company’s, vendors, and customers information; 
  • creating invoices, deposits, and payables;
  • reconciling bank balances and handling a bank reconciliation; 
  • calculating salesperson commissions, 
  • setting up the credit limits for vendors and customers; 
  • tracking profit centers; 
  • setting up and keeping sales tax categories; 
  • automatic backup; 
  • assigning passwords to users; 
  • locking (for preventing transaction changes) and unlocking months; 
  • setting up the chart of accounts and selecting accounts from the sample; 
  • creating and printing reports of different types; 
  • importing and exporting data, and more.

Our company provides different software solutions for small business that performs route sales, pre-order, delivery or equipment service. Developed by our team computer programs easily integrate with the accounting software systems used by our clients. As a result, small businesses receive much more sophisticated and, at the same time, easy to use the computerized system that contains many helpful features enabling small field services companies professionally and quickly make deliveries and services and keep records of all financial transactions.

accounting software features

With the simple accounting software, your bookkeeping will be not hard. You will always know all your expenses, as they will always be recorded, and will always be informed who owes you money and how much and will be able to easily bill the debtors. For the route sales, pre-order, delivery or equipment service businesses, the accounting software together with our route management and inventory control computerized programs gives many benefits that are solutions cannot provide. Contact us, and our sales representatives will give full information about implementing Prism’s software and its integration with your accounting software system.