The Simple Accounting Software Becomes More Powerful System Via Integration with Prism’s Solutions

The Powerful Simple Accounting Software System

If you want to understand and know your business better, to track your company's expenses and income, to be ready for the tax time, you should use the accounting software even you are individual professional. The company size determines features of the accounting system which the organization needs to provide effective monitoring and control all its financial operations. The smaller company, the fewer features it needs for bookkeeping.

Simple accounting software has two main advantages:

  • It can be used even by non-accountants. 
  • It does not require any additional configuration to your hardware.

At the same time, simple accounting software provides small business and individual professionals with all necessary features, so by using such system, they can organize processing, measurement, and communication of financial operations in an effective way.

Even simple accounting software can give you everything you need in one place:

  • Invoicing – enables sending customized invoices online to any contact. 
  • Payments – enables tracking payments and see who owes you money. 
  • Expenses – enables categorizing expenses (by project, by income type, and other categories) and receiving reminders of due expenses. 
  • Collaboration – enables using the accounting software system by different people (accounters, assistants, business partners, and other) at the same time with the controlled access. 
  • Contacts – enables generating an address book and track all contacts (customers and vendors). 
  • Reporting – enables generating different reports (profit and loss, receivables and payables, wage and liabilities, and other)) to see where the company’s money is coming from and going. 
  • Data export – enables printing and online sending finance documents to recipients. 
  • Third-party integrations – enables the integration of third party applications such as Prism’s software solutions that make a simple accounting software system more powerful.
Simple accounting software

Simple accounting software can be powerful at the same time. To make your accounting software more powerful, use it together with Prism’s software solutions which are specially designed for companies performing route sales, deliveries, and equipment service. Our ServQuest™ route management solution, Prism Dispatch™ dispatching and route map optimization software, and MiniMate™ mobile application for handheld devices are easily integrated with the accounting software systems through Prism’s Order Connector. If your small business is concerned with equipment service, route sales, or deliveries, using our computer programs that easily integrate with your accounting system will make your simple accounting software more powerful and give you and your business the maximum benefits.