Prism Visual Software’s ServQuest™

ServQuest route accounting software

ServQuest™ is the route management solution developed by Prism Visual Software. As an electronic route book, it allows to schedule customer servicing for pre-order, route sales, delivery, and service.

ServQuest™ desktop package provides features:

  • customer database, 
  • visual dispatching, 
  • inbound and outbound call centers,
  • job and task management, 
  • billing and invoicing, 
  • recurring schedules, 
  • warehouse management;
  • inventory control;
  • customer relationship management.

With ServQuest™ our clients are able:

  • to create delivery and service profiles for their customers' addresses;
  • to support customer service agents for increasing sales;
  • to troubleshoot potential equipment problems
  • to call to the emergency dispatch;
  • to provide customer service with or without automated scheduling.

Why Prism Visual Software?

  • Deep experience in software development.
  • Best practices consulting for delivery and distribution industries. 
  • Award-winning desktop and mobile software.
  • Successful software solutions implementation.
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