ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ - the Best Small Business Software

ServQuest desktop and MiniMate mobile packages are the best software for small business.

To be successful in business in conditions of ferocious competition, any company, even a small one, needs to use various methods that can help to compete on the market. From year to year, using computers and computer technologies helps organizations, including small companies to automate more and more their business operations. Competent, effective software products allow small companies not only to be competitive but help them to grow too.

Our company offers the best software for small businesses performing equipment service, deliveries, route sales, or other types of field services. Our professional software team has developed different contemporary solutions necessary for the work of the small field service company. Today, every small business owner can become a user of our computerized programs with minimal expenses.

Our main software packages – ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ – are a great solution for small businesses searching a powerful, affordable, and complete software for running and growing the field service company.

ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ are the best software for small and middle-size business that helps:

  • to provide inventory management and control; 
  • to track the inventory levels in multiple warehouses; 
  • to provide the work of the call center; 
  • to provide centralized management warehouses located in different places; 
  • to provide customer relationship management (CRM); 
  • to provide the enterprise resource planning (ERP); 
  • to submit, approve, and complete the work requests; 
  • to assign work orders (tickets) to the appropriate field worker; 
  • to automate scheduling and dispatching processes; 
  • to optimize routes with multiple stops at customer locations; 
  • to guide field workers with the standard operating procedures; 
  • to cut down on phone time; 
  • to send notifications to customers and field workers; 
  • to provide real-time access to the business data; 
  • to perform on-route and at-location customer service anytime; 
  • to provide tracking the field workers location and work hours; 
  • to prevent risky delivery driver behaviors and reduce driver accidents; 
  • take digital proof of delivery of pre-ordered products and fulfilled services; 
  • to increase the field workers effectiveness; 
  • to manage all business operations, including financial ones in the single place; 
  • to improve reporting of the business operations and o completed works; 
  • to accelerate collaboration with clients and business partners; 

software for small business
  • to provide integration with used by the company accounting, human resources (HR), payroll systems, taxes, or other software systems.