ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ - the Prism VS’s Complete Delivery Solution

ServQuest and MiniMate computerized complete delivery solution

ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ developed by Prism Visual Software, Inc. are great software for organizations looking for a powerful, extremely affordable, and complete delivery solution.

Our complete software system helps companies to:

• Optimize routes

Smart routing that enables saving your time and money is real now. With our route map optimization software, your operators or managers will only need to spend a few minutes on planning delivery routes with the multiple stops.

• Automate scheduling and dispatching

Prism Dispatch™ included in the ServQuest™ desktop software package is the visual dispatching computer program that makes it easy for companies to plan their delivery drivers day’s work, to adjust the schedule as needed, to simply include emergency tickets, and to demonstrate the color-coded geographic areas.

• Access to the real-time data

Your delivery drivers will always be equipped with real-time information such as invoices, sale instructions, customer contact information, account balance and purchases history, sales history, current equipment and equipment history, inventory levels in multiple locations, and others.

• Provide real-time tracking

Worker location and time are automatically tracked via the MiniMate™ mobile application developed for smartphones, tablets, and handheld devices.

• Take digital proof of the made service

Collecting mobile signatures and payments via cash, check or credit card, printing invoices to a mobile printer, and emailing them are now available for users of the MiniMate™ mobile software.

• Increase customers’ loyalty

Real-time delivery tracking and customer feedback monitoring allow companies to reduce the missed delivery count and customer complaints. Customers' satisfaction results in repeated orders.

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• Get more services done

Automating many operations of the delivery process allows organizations to reduce paperwork and other manual works, including phone calls and emails. As a result, companies increase their effectiveness and at the same time are able to get more deliveries.