ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ for Inventory Control Managers

inprove your inventory control with Prism Visual Software's warehouse management software system that includes ServQuest desktop and MiniMate mobile packages.

Maintaining the right inventory levels (not too high or too low) is one of the key aspects of successful sales and distribution. For companies which business activities concerned with sales, route sales, or pre-order, the ability to deliver sold or pre-ordered goods and services to their clients to the right place at the right time means success. Therefore, inventory control managers work hard to maintain accurate inventory counts throughout the stock.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. has developed the ServQuest™ desktop software package and MiniMate™ mobile application for inventory control managers to help them to oversee and manage the inventory levels in the stocks and warehouses. ServQuest™ helps the inventory control managers to coordinate segments of business activities to ensure an appropriate level of goods in their warehouses to not only supply the company's requirements but to satisfy the customer demands too.

Benefits of using ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ warehouse management system by inventory control managers:

  • standardizing tasks of the inventory control; 
  • well organized inventory database; 
  • reducing time spent on inventory control by optimizing the inventory control process; 
  • effectively tracking items quantities: reordering quantity, on-order quantity, in-transit quantity, in-process quantity, allocated quantity, defective quantity, on-hand quantity, booked quantity, average daily quantity, minimum quantity to buy, and available quantity; 
  • having access to the real-time inventory database anytime from anywhere with the MiniMate™ mobile application developed for mobile handheld devices; 
  • maintaining the right inventory levels and reducing understock and overstock situations; 
  • eliminating data entry errors by using barcode scanners to scan item barcodes and reducing the manual data entry and calculation; 
  • creating a good relationship with the suppliers of the goods and determining the lower minimum purchase quantities; 
  • increasing accuracy in inventory control; 
  • ability to make informed inventory transactions from anywhere timely; 
  • ability to handle the real-time inventory needs; 
  • automatically updating inventory levels via synchronization with received purchases and sales orders; 
  • receiving an alert in the case of the inventory stock dips lower the predetermined level; 
  • ability to provide efficient forecasting of the future demands and make the right decisions; 
  • saving money by avoiding the spoilage and deadstock; 
  • integration with the company’s accounting software system; 
  • customization to specific company’s business needs; 
  • reducing costs, including the storage, hardware and labor costs; 
  • improving the company’s operational efficiencies and cash flow;
  • increasing the service level and customer satisfaction.
ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ warehouse management system