Serve More Customers with Route Management Software

If you want to:

  • make quick, well-informed business decisions, 
  • reduce the payroll bill without harming company's productivity and customer service levels, 
  • optimize your company’s daily operations, 
  • improve your fleet productivity, 
  • keep your mobile workers organized,
  • provide the full control of your business operations and the daily routine work, 
  • serve more customers with the fewer resources,

Prism VS’s route management software system is the right solution for you.

The sophisticated software design, comprehensive features, user-friendliness make our route management system recognized by companies from both delivery and field service industries.

Our software team works closely with experienced fleet people; therefore, well knows and understands difficulties companies performing delivery, route sales, equipment and other field services meet every day. By using the modern software technologies, we have developed a route management software system that includes both desktop and mobile solutions and provides full functionality to plan, schedule, dispatch, control, and analyze day-to-day work processes.

Main benefits of using our route management software system:

  • efficient organizing the workday of the field and office personnel; 
  • automating and optimizing the most business processes; 
  • reducing laborious manual paperwork; 
  • access to the real-time business data anytime from anywhere; 
  • data visualization; 
  • powerful planning, scheduling, and dispatching; 
  • creating optimized delivery routes with multiple stops; 
  • monitoring the status of customer orders and work tickets; 
  • tracking field staff work time and location; 
  • quick generating customized invoices; 
  • accepting various forms of payments via mobile invoicing system; 
  • effective inventory levels control and warehouse management; 
  • barcoding and lot control; 
  • collecting history of sales, customer purchase orders, fulfilled deliveries, performed services, and other important information;
  • powerful, customized reporting; 
  • integration with accounting and other business software systems; 
  • getting more customers and serving them with fewer resources; 
  • increasing customer satisfaction and company’s revenue.