Strong Security of the Simple Accounting Software Systems

Physical and Software Security of the Accounting Systems

The accounting systems specially designed for small companies and developed on state-of-the-art technologies can take any small business to the next level.

Two main requirements to the simple accounting software systems are:

  • providing strict financial controls and 
  • ensuring strong security.

If any financial data is lost or tampered, you can lose time, money, business secrets, and, even, your company in the case of if the damage is serious enough. Therefore, when you are choosing an accounting software solution for your business, you should ask each vendor offering computerized accounting systems about:

  • the software's built-in security features; 
  • how the software product can engage with your on-site safeguards.

Any business owner should always remember that the accounting system used to record and process his/her company's financial transactions contains confidential information and needs to be kept secure and safe all times. The consequences of the hardware breaking and unauthorized access can be perilous (such as identity theft problems) and, even, destructive (such as loss of irreplaceable data). When the accounting data is lost, changed, or deleted by chance or on purpose, it arouses suspicion about the accuracy and reliability of all data. If an organization wants to prevent any problem concerned with losing its financial data, it needs to take care of both the physical security and software security of its accounting system.

Physical security of the accounting software system

First of all, they should keep their hardware in a safe place protected from different kinds of physical impact ( water, chemical substances, etc.). Second, accounting equipment should be placed in rooms with doors that can be locked. All cables and switches should be in a locked environment away from rodents and people. Third, in the case of using wireless connections for the Internet or network access, you should follow the security protocols. Finally, every laptop used with accounting the purpose should be equipped with software enabling tracking its whereabouts.

Software security of the accounting system

Software security is designed and used to protect computer programs against deliberate and other hacker attacks. The accounting system's software security is necessary as it allows to provide integrity of the system, users' identification, and data availability.

Software security includes four main components:

  • authentication – passwords and login IDs that authenticate each user; 
  • virus protection – firewalls, anti-virus computer programs, and other security measures to prevent your accounting system from viruses and malware; 
  • backup – saving the backup data in a safe place outside the premise allows restoring all information if something happens; 
  • considerations – you should ask professionals to clean your computers before donating or selling them.

Strong Software security of accounting system