Improve Management of Your Employees with Prism Visual Software's Scheduling App

The main features and functionality of the Prism Visual Software's ServQuest scheduling app

Most would agree that organized in the right way business activities is the key to the company's success. What tools or features can help companies to effectively organize their business processes? An answer is the scheduling software that enables managing both the company’s relationships with customers and with its employees. Perhaps, some business owners underestimate the role of scheduling and tracking their workers. But, it is a real fact that employee scheduling is an important component of business success and a significant concern for business managers. To increase business efficiency, any company needs to effectively use the skills of each of its employees.

Creating right schedules is not possible if the person in charge of the company's staff scheduling must manage manually using piles of timetables, employees' requests and availability calendars. It may take days or even weeks to develop employee schedules and make corrections in them because a lot of schedule-related aspects need to be taken into attention. At the same time, a well-managed workers' scheduling keeps the company moving ahead, enables resolving many complex situations in the business activity, and helps the business grow.

To keep up with the times in these days of the tough competition, any company needs to automate its business processes as more as possible. The employees’ schedule creating is not the exception and should be organized by using computer programs. Prism Visual Software, Inc. has developed the scheduling app for companies specialized in route sales, pre-order, delivery, and equipment service. Offered scheduling application is included in our desktop software package ServQuest™ and can be used separately as well as along with a full package of ServQuest’s software modules.

With the scheduling app, Prism Visual Software's ServQuest™ includes additional features that enable:

  • generating delivery and service orders,
  • technician management via the dispatcher,
  • communicating with the field,
  • maintaining contracts, warranty, or service,
  • closing work orders for billing and job costing,
  • capturing service history per equipment.

To make effective employee schedules by using ServQuest’s scheduling module, your employee managers need, first, to know not only the company’s staff currently working for your company or department but their contact information too. Second, they need to have full information about employee preferences and availability to place staff in a work shift for making delivery or/and equipment service. Our program allows considering the emergency factor and making the last corrections at the beginning of each working day.

ServQuest™ scheduling software