ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ Scalable and Powerful Inventory Apps 

ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ scalable and powerful inventory apps

Prism Visual Software offers desktop, mobile, and web software solutions to organizations from various industries in which business activities mainly concerned with delivery sold and pre-ordered products and services. Developed by our team computer programs allow users to increase their efficiency and, as a result, to save their business time and money.

We have developed a wide range of applications that are used for managing and controlling all possible delivery business operations from purchasing to delivery sold items.

For companies performing sales (including route sales) and delivery, one of the most important components that contribute to business success is the powerful inventory management and control because accurate inventory management eliminates lost sales.

Our inventory software solution consists of two software applications:

  • ServQuest™ – desktop inventory app – for performing inventory management in the office.
  • MiniMate™ – mobile inventory app – for performing inventory management on the route.

We offer warehouse management software that is an ideal solution for e-commerce and direct store delivery companies, wholesale distributors, organizations performing equipment service, route sales, and delivery, and other types of businesses. Any our software, including inventory apps, is scalable and can be used for many years and you will not need to look for and to pay for another system.

Today, our company works with hundreds of businesses from more than thirty industries. Such popularity we have achieved because our software solutions, including inventory applications, have helped our clients to optimize their business processes, including order fulfillment, warehouse layout, overall inventory processes, and other practices.

The general features of our ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ inventory apps are:

  • tracking inventory levels in multiple warehouses; 
  • remote access to real-time inventory data on the smartphone, tablet or any handheld device via the MiniMate™ mobile application; 
  • standalone database on the handheld allows mobile employees to work without an Internet connection; 
  • automatically updating the last-minute orders and changes; 
  • creating, scanning and printing barcodes; 
  • tracking mobile employee work hours;
  • integration with the shopping carts; 
  • inventory reporting and forecasting; 
  • easy customization to the company’s needs; 
  • a scalable system that will grow with the business growing; 
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