Save Time with Prism’s Truck Dispatch Software

truck dispatch software helps to save your time.
Does your company perform trucking service, route sales, deliveries, equipment service or other activities сoncerned with trucking or delivering? You are in the right place. For more than twenty years we have been developing software solutions for companies specialized in trucking service, route sales, deliveries, equipment service, and other field services. All these years, the name of our company – Prism Visual Software, Inc. – is a guaranty of quality and reliability.

Features provided by our truck dispatch software allow companies to save more time than using combinations of other transportation management products. Our experienced software team works in close contact with our clients to know their needs and requirements for computer programs and mobile applications. Our goal is to help our clients to automate and optimize their day-to-day work processes as more as possible.

We continually develop new versions of each our software solution by using newest technologies, as understand that businesses of our customers are growing and from day to day need more and more powerful computerized systems to support their business operations. We always offer powerful and, at the same time, simple and affordable software solutions.

Offered by us today the truck dispatch software solution allows to:

  • plan and organize business activities, 
  • keep deliveries under control, 
  • improve scheduling,
  • provide real-time tracking the vehicle's location, driver's work time, and work order status, 
  • manage equipment and loads, 
  • reduce mobile employee calls with the MiniMate™ mobile application, 
  • equip truck drivers and service technicians with all necessary information, 
  • enable mobile workers to fulfill their job even without the Internet connection,
  • improve communication with drivers and service technicians, 
  • provide customers with delivery tracking, 
  • have on-time status reporting, 
  • customized reporting data, 
  • provide useful data analytics and forecasting, 
  • improve freight and distribution channels, 
  • support the multiple users, 
  • increase company’s efficiency and profitability,
  • have greater control and flexibility within the business, 
  • fulfill more trucking and serve more customers,
  • provide better services to customers, 
  • increase drivers safety, 
  • keep the trucking and delivering business ahead of the competition.
Prism Visual Software truck dispatch computerized solution