Save Time and Money with Prism VS’s Map Software

Use Prism's map software to save your time and money.

Map software saves time and money. Therefore, it is not surprising that mapping is used not only by route sales and pre-order deliveries companies but other businesses too. For instance, healthcare providers use map software solution to supply their patients with the most efficient delivery of treatment as well as the non-profits to communicate and organize volunteers’ activity. There are only two ways of using the mapping solution which can have a wide range of features.

You may not associate the mapping software with saving your time and money. But, it is a real fact, using mapping software solution in your business activities can impact on your business performance as this software helps you to think more clearly and make better and more completely decisions. Depending on your company’s industry, you can create and use the map that meets your company’s individual needs and is most helpful for your business activity.

Today, there are many software companies offer map solution with different features and tools allowing create diverse types of maps: pin and heat maps, territory and radius maps, color-coded and bubble maps, route planning, and interactive maps. Which type(s) of the map is the best for your business is determined by the specifics of your business and its activities.

Prism VS’s Map Software Solution

As to the route sales and pre-order deliveries companies, the best mapping software on the market for them is offered by Prism Visual Software, Inc. – a leading provider of the route accounting software. Prism Dispatch™ – route map optimization software - allows creating the route planning maps that are optimized with the taking into consideration the fuel and labor costs as well as the availability to complete more stops with fewer resources and less over time. With our map solution, our clients are able to generate route planning maps in seconds.

Creating customized maps and directions are not a problem, even with the multiple stops as our map software will calculate the most efficacious route between adjusted stops. Optimized routes allow saving your delivery drivers’ time and your money since at first, drivers will burn less fuel by following optimized route plans; second, they will spend less time on the delivery pre-ordered products or services. In both cases, you save money.

Along with the route planning maps, Prism Dispatch™ features enable generating color-coded maps for geographic areas that are helpful, for example, in representing sales in different geographic regions or in differentiating the levels of sales within a defined area. By highlighting with an individual color, makes it easy to see the different regions and their geographic boundaries.

In addition to generating the route planning and color-coded maps, our Prism Dispatch™ allows easy planning the day’s work, adjusting the schedule if it is needed, include emergency tickets, and define the particularities of timing the delivery. Are you still in doubt that map software can save your time and money? Contact us, and our professional customer support team will give full information about Prism VS's map software solution.

Prism Dispatch™ map software solution