SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Accounting Software

Categories of the SAP software solutions.

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Our mobile application and desktop software integrate with the most popular off-the-shelf enterprise resource planning (ERP) and accounting software, including SAP solutions which beyond the basic models provide various industry-specific add-on solutions.

SAP software solutions can be divided into the next categories:

  • Accounting SAP software: project systems; investment management; finance; financial supply chain management; controlling.
  • Logistics SAP software: logistics execution; material management; sales and distribution; customer service; warehouse management; plant maintenance; production planning; fleet management; environment, health, and safety; quality management.
  • Technology SAP software: cross-application; basic components; programming; security and authorizations.
  • Human resources SAP software: personnel management; personnel administration; organization management; personnel development; payroll; training and event management; personal time management; learning solutions; compensation; recruitment; loan; enterprise compensation; benefits; advanced business application programming.
  • Other SAP software solutions: business warehouse; knowledge warehouse; customer relationship management (CRM); supplier relationship management; process integration; strategic enterprise management; business planning and consolidation; corporate finance management; business consolidation and sourcing; global trade services; exchange infrastructure; master data management; international demonstration and education system; business intelligence.