SAP Applications and Prism VS’s Software Solutions

Prism's software used with SAP applications allows companies to automate most of their business processes.

Have you already been using the business software that meets all your company’s needs and demands?

If your company specializes in any field service such as route sales, delivery, equipment service, home care, or others, we can offer you our software solutions that can help to improve your business. For many years we have developed computerized solutions that help field service companies to plan, organize, realize, manage, control, and analyze their business activities.

With the purpose to increase advantages from using our desktop and mobile software, we have designed each of our modules in such a way that it is easy integrates with the most popular accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resource (HR), point-of-sale (POS) and other software systems.

Specially developed by our team, the Order Connector synchronizes the accounting software, including SAP applications to Prism Visual Software’s solutions.

Prism Visual Software's route accounting solutions:

desktop software

Desktop Software


mobile software

Mobile Software

web software

Web Software

Web Customer

Prism VS’s route accounting software solutions used together with SAP applications for accounting and finance give companies the planning, consolidation, budgeting, and financial forecasting tools and allow:

  • to automate and simplify the accounting process by effective handling orders, invoices, and events from multiple systems and providing accountants with easy to use route accounting and accounting software solutions; 
  • to accelerate the planning cycles, make finance functions more efficient, increase the company's profitability with the help of using the real-time data to financial analysis at any level, eliminating the time lags, supporting the entire financial and other; 
  • to improve financial control and reduce workloads and costs by closing tasks via simplifying processes and data structures, increase employees productivity, reducing risks, and detailing reporting; 
  • to forecast cash flow and manage liquidity by integrating cash flows, financial transactions, commodity positions, and market data via optimizing the straight-through processing, providing the full view of business reality, and supplying reporting and real-time analysis; 
  • to provide collaborative finance operations and automate receivables and payables processes by real-time monitoring the customer payment behavior, making proactive decisions via receivables management, creating top-line cooperation with customers, improving financial analysis with intuitive search, using relevant real-time data to form customer interactions; 
  • to reduce financial risks by automating business operations, protecting assets, improving financial performance, enabling real-time fraud and deception detection at the transaction level via centralizing the fraud management, coordinating data to expose erroneous, fraudulent, and duplicate entries; 
  • to streamline a planning process and reach a faster and more accurate result by making better decisions with the help of the "what-if" scenario analyses, improving accountability and planning accuracy, shrinking the cycle times, aligning business plans with strategic goals.
 Prism VS’s route accounting software solutions and SAP applications