Sales Territory Mapping Software

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Does your company perform route sales?

If yes, you know how it is important to reach customer destinations in the quickest and most cost-effective way possible. The way route sales representatives spend their time will most likely result in how many deals they will close. In order to save work time and use it productively, sales teams must drive as little as possible from one location to another.

Would you like to increase your route sales?

Focus your efforts on the most profitable customer segments.

How to do that?

You should group your current and potential customers and define sales territories to focus on the specific needs of your clientage.

The right sales territory mapping software can help to:

  • define and set sales territories, 
  • group current and potential customers into territories based on geographical zone, buying behavior and other identified pattern, 
  • study sales patterns in-depth, 
  • assign the right sales representatives to each customer group, 
  • understand the sales efforts across defined territories, 
  • adjust sales territories to correspond to the abilities of sales teams, 
  • define the pain points of your sales team, 
  • make quicker and smarter decisions, 
  • set realistic sales targets,
  • track sales on each territory and whole, 
  • analyze performance on each sales territory and whole, 
  • identify top-performing teams and individual route sales representatives, 
  • guide sales representatives towards the company's goal, 
  • get a consolidated view of closed deals,
  • track the impact of market changes on sales, 
  • forecast the future sales and track the progress, 
  • determine the company's problems and opportunities, 
  • grow sales by territories and whole.

sales territory mapping software

Key characteristics and features of the smart sales territory mapping software:

smart sales territory mapping software
  • easy to learn and quick to use, 
  • enables quick access to the real-time data, 
  • expresses detailed data visually, 
  • provides the multiple data showing on a single map, 
  • creates optimized sales territories that meet specific criteria, 
  • enables easily adjusting territory sizes, 
  • shows the effect of boundary changes 
  • allows to compare sales territories and balance them, 
  • provides printing and sharing territory maps and reports online, and more.