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Sales Software for Realizing Business Opportunities

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a leading provider of the desktop and mobile applications for companies performing route sales, deliveries, equipment service and pre-order. We offer our organizations from different industries various packages of computer programs. Among our developments, we have different solutions, including computerized solutions for sales.

Our sales management and control solutions will help you to realize your sales opportunities and keep track of all your sales. The interaction between your company and your customers is determinative for successful sales. Developed by us sales solutions provides support for the sales process on each of its steps from the beginning to the end.

The main steps of the sale process:

  • first contact with the customer via phone call, e-mail, or route sales
  • identification of the customer budget and financial options
  • demonstration of the offered goods or service
  • sales quotation – creating a products and services proposal to a customer
  • creating a sales order – a customer's commitment to buy a product or service
  • creating a driver ticket for delivery of the sold products and service
  • picking and packing items or materials on for delivery
  • delivering orders to customers
  • creating the delivery note to indicate that the products or services have been delivered
  • invoicing a client for delivering goods or service
  • receiving the customer’s payment
  • recording the revenue in the company’s profit and loss statement
  • return recording

Each step of the sales process involves creating a particular document, such as a sales order, driver ticket, customer invoice, and others. Our sales software system enables moving relevant information from a single report to another. If it is needed, our system can be customized as well as the sales steps according to your business needs and business activity. To avoid problems, before starting to create any sales document, make sure that all critical data such as the product data, customer's billing, and shipping addresses, payment terms, and others are entered and maintained correctly.

Do you want your company to stay competitive? Don’t lose your time. Increase your products or/and service sales with our computerized sales system. You will see the difference between “before” and “after a start to use” time since our software solutions enable the business processes optimization, support all business operations, and is easily integrated with your accounting management and control software system.

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