Use Route Planner to Force Your Field Sales 

Sales Route Planner Software System

Do you want to visit and service more customers for less time?

It is real with the Prism Visual Software's sales route planner.

Prism VS’s route planner is the right solution for you if you want to:

  • spend more time with customers, not on the planning and driving; 
  • plan routes within seconds at the press of a button; 
  • optimize the driving routes; 
  • spend less time on the road; 
  • drive fewer miles to customer locations; 
  • easy add changes to the route plan; 
  • see all customers on a map; 
  • engage in new sales territories; 
  • serve large areas; 
  • visit the right customers at the right time; 
  • focus the work on important customers; 
  • visit customers at the right frequency; 
  • implement the sales strategy consistently; 
  • customize the schedule at any time; 
  • maintain the customers' call frequency, business hours, visit duration, and more.

Discover our fully automated route planning software for route sales force, consultants, and equipment service team members:

  • automatic scheduling, 
  • optimized sales routes, 
  • fewer miles to customer locations, 
  • more customer visits, 
  • reducing fleet costs, 
  • decreasing CO2 emissions, 
  • integration with the CRM and accounting software systems, 
  • fully connection on the road, 
  • automatic synchronization with Google Maps, 
  • transforming smartphones and tablets into a route navigator; 
  • powerful reporting and flexible import options.

The better route plan is, the more customers are served.

 Prism Visual Software’s route planner

The ability to minimize driving miles is the key to success for field sales representatives. We can give you this key. Do not spend time, contact us as soon as possible.