Sales Promotion Software

Promotion software gives companies of all sizes the great marketing opportunities.

Well organized advertising campaigns help:

  • to promote the company's business and brand; 
  • to inform customers about goods and services; 
  • to engage new customers; 
  • improve relationships with existing clients; 
  • perform more sales.

Promotion software enables planning, managing, and controlling:

  • telemarketing campaigns – a form of marketing which consists of connecting by telephone calls with existing and potential customers;
  • online marketing – a strategy of using a diversity of internet tools and solutions to reach new customers and build up company’s reputation; 
  • email marketing – a form of direct marketing that consists of sending emails with commercial messages to an audience; 
  • leaflet marketing – distributing leaflets via handouts and letterbox drops; 
  • advertising – a form of marketing communication based on an openly sponsored message with the purpose to promote or sell products and services; 
  • promotions – marketing communication used to inform the target audience of products or services merits and create audience interest in these products or services; 
  • discounts – a reduction of the basic price of goods and services. 

Main advantages of using sales promotion software:

  • reaching new customers; 
  • targeting specific groups of customers based on locations, interests, preferences, and other characteristics; 
  • distributing information about provided products and services; 
  • creating the database of relevant customers; 
  • accountability and transparency of all investments in product or service promotion and advertising; 
  • tracking all promotion activities through all agencies; 
  • holding all marketing data in one centralized system; 
  • monitoring marketing performance; 
  • increasing sales.

Companies spend many resources on promotion and advertising. If you want to know how your investments work and what results you have achieved, start to use promotion software system that meets your needs and requirements.